The only Chaffetz quiz that matters.

Utah Congressman and Jew that I’m personally ashamed of, Jason Chaffetz, is apparently not only not running for reelection in 2018, but based on his comments in an interview yesterday may be preparing to leave office soon.  As in maybe as soon as next week or so soon.

His office has given no official explanation for his early attempt to flee extradition departure from office, so I decided to make it a fun quiz!  Please comment on which reason you think has motivated his decision.

(a) Life’s just no fun without a Benghazi investigation;

(b) He’s depressed there was nothing in her emails of any consequence;

(c) Potential ethics investigation about his failure to investigate Trump’s conflicts of interest as ostensibly required by his position as Chair of the House Oversight Committee;

(d) There’s a dead girl; or

(e) There’s an underage boy

Vote early, vote often!