Trump’s misdirections are intended to distract from his record.

With the press focusing much attention on the Trump administration’s lack of legislative accomplishments (he’s been unable to even get a law pushed through a Republican-controlled House to date) and the various trials and tribulations of his largely ineffectual first 100 days, and with the new revelations about Michael Flynn and the FBI investigation of his campaign and Russia, it’s time for Trump’s typical, expected efforts to change the subject.

So, this week saw a couple of publicity stunts staged by Trump to try to change the unflattering conversation.   This included pushing the House of Representatives to vote on another last-minute effort to repeal the ACA.  Of course, this version is even worse than the last, Democrats uniformly oppose it and large blocs of Republicans want nothing to do with it for several different reasons.  For now, it looks like this is dead on arrival again.  Perhaps if it actually improved on the ACA people might be able to get behind it, but it’s harshly anti-consumer, so don’t expect this to get any better.

He’s also trotting out Steve Mnuchin to push a tax-cut plan that will cause the federal debt to increase by $2 trillion over the next 10 years by giving giant tax cuts to big corporations and the wealthy.  Cute try, but neither Democrats nor Republican deficit hawks will go for it.  Why does he lead with his chin like this over and over?

More concerning is all the saber-rattling over North Korea. Yesterday the White House bussed the entire Senate to the White House for a briefing on North Korea. Senators emerging from the meeting stated that they heard nothing new, and said that they were “mystified” as to why they had to go to the White House.  Apparently, most legislators aren’t in the same remedial classes that the president requires.

Finally, after having his attack on sanctuary cities enjoined by a federal district court, he blasted the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in another attack on the judiciary that keeps finding all his ideas unconstitutional or illegal.   Of course, it wasn’t the Ninth Circuit that issued the injunction, but hey, details.

It’s getting a little tiring seeing these pathetic efforts to influence the news cycle when things aren’t going his way, and the White House is painfully transparent in their efforts to do this every time the news cycle reflects poorly on Trump.  He really resembles nothing more than a petulant, frustrated child.   And with the FBI investigation homing in closer and closer to his inner circle, you can bet there are more tantrums to come.