I’m Mike Levin, and this is my blog.  I’m a practicing attorney and policy wonk in Philadelphia, PA.  Licensed in both PA and NJ state and federal courts.  Righter of wrongs, deliverer of justice, and advocate for a better, more inclusive future for the once great middle class and for the disadvantaged.

After having more than a few people tell me I should be publishing some of my rants, I decided to actually do it.  This is a place where facts rule, where the ins and outs of policy are looked at carefully, where fake news and alternative facts have no place, and where the talking points are dissected like a frog in biology class.   I’m simply hoping to make you the most informed person at that next cocktail party.  You’re welcome.

I am also always interested in speaking to people who I can help.  I am a trial lawyer practicing in PA and NJ, and am always willing to talk to those needing legal assistance with issues large or small.  My primary background is in tort litigation, business litigation, class actions and mass torts, but I also address criminal law, family law and various other types of issues.  If I can help, I will.  Feel free to contact me through the blog, or look me up in Philly.